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Square6 Group welcomes inquiries and interest from all providers, payers and vendors in the healthcare and biotech industries. However, specific interests include:

  • Healthcare provider strategic planning and design for big data architectures and clinical care modalities to take clinical care to the next level - whether buying best of breed off the shelf tech solutions or creating a "home-brew" solution each approach requires careful planning and execution to lead to success.
  • Start-up companies and efforts: product definitions, requirements and design - UI, architectures, go to market strategies
  • Investment insights - working with equity investor (VC, strategic investors, etc) s to explore investment opportunities for their portfolio and assisting in designing an investment thesis
  • Developing population health programs: these programs require not only the right tech and clinical expertise, but the right team and community buy-in and development. The single common thread with the demise of these types of projects isn't the technical solution choice (although that can be a factor) it's quite often the lack of a rallying community behind the game plan
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